On the Go? Try Play OJO App

If you play on the go, you’ll love the OJO app. This allows you to go mobile with the PlayOJO Casino. The downloadable app gives you everything you get on your at home computer. You can play it on your Android or iOS. Tablets, phone, and laptops. You will have access to all the essential information like how much money you have in your accounts and how many points you have acquired.

Not to worry, the OJO Kicker codes will be accessible to you as well. OJO betting will feel the same across all devices. The PlayOJO app download is really easy and we will explain it thoroughly for you. If you like the OJO online casino, you should give the mobile app a try. You can play for real money today and win while you’re on your commute. Imagine that.

PlayOJO App Advantages

Some casinos will offer you a mobile version but it’s not the full casino. You may miss out on playing many games and you don’t have access to all the perks. The OJO Casino app has it all. We’re going to list out all the advantages you can expect when you go mobile. Your experience will be the same no matter what device you’re playing on. Games don’t glitch out and everything is available.

The PlayOJO mobile version offers you the following:

  • All the offers you’re used to getting while you play at home. Kickers, Reel Tournaments, ClubOJO, and OJOPlus will all be at your disposal even on the PlayOJO app.
  • You’re getting all the best casino games. This is not always the case with a casino but OJO has managed to give you all the slots, card games, jackpots, and table games you would normally have access to.
  • You can play live games like roulette and poker at the OJO casino.
  • You will have access to all the payment methods, making it simple for you to do withdrawal or deposits right on your phone.
  • You’ll have access to live chat on the OJO mobile app.
  • You can access the FAQ section.
  • The OJO app offers you all the security you have with the main OJO casino. Your information is kept safe.

“My OJO” Feature in the Mobile App

Not only are you getting all the bells and whistles the main casino offers, the PlayOJO mobile version has “My OJO.” This feature is unique to the OJO app. To access the feature, you tap on OJO’s face (you’ll see him at the top of the screen). You’re then taken to your own personal account where you can then navigate the app easily. There are three tabs that help you get around so you can find what you’re looking for.

“My OJO” Tabs in the Play OJO App

First you have the OJO page, which is going to let you know what level you’re at. The level is dependent on how much you’ve been playing. Points are counted based on your play and you hold a balance. You’ll find it here. You can also see the balance of your account and how much cash you have to play with. On the OJO page of the mobile app, you can do OJO casino banking. Deposits and withdrawals are a breeze.

The rewards tab awaits you. When you make your way into this tab, you’ll see any rewards you’ve earned. You may just have free spins or something else. Collect the code and take advantage of your rewards. There is also Pings, which is where you’ll be able to see your activity. Any of your progress is recorded and then posted here. OJO also gives you advice here on how to gain more points so you can get more rewards.

OJO App Android Download

To play the OJO mobile casino on the go, you’ll need to go through the download process. It’s just like downloading any other app so we’re sure you’ve done this before. However, let’s walk you through.

First, add the PlayOJO shortcut and open the browser for Android.
Load the PlayOJO app.
Tap on the Menu button and press “Add to Home Screen”
That’s it.

If you’re downloading the app on Google Play, here are the instructions:
> Download the App
> Open the OJO app on your phone

If you haven’t already signed up for an OJO account, you can do so here. If you do have an account already, login to PlayOJO with your username and password.

PlayOJO App Download for iOS

First, you want to add the OJO shortcut to your mobile browser in your phone or tablet.
Open up Safari and load PlayOJO
Tap the arrow at the bottom of your screen
Then press “Add to Screen”
Press “Add”
That’s it.

To download the app from the App Store:
Find the app in your App Store and download it

Open the Play OJO app on your iPhone or tablet.

If you already have an account with PlayOJO, login with your username and password.

If you want to play for real money and you’re new, make sure to add a deposit with one of your payment methods.
The PlayOJO app offers you an easy to use interface, access to all the best casino games OJO offers, and all the features you have on your home computer. You can take the OJO casino anywhere without compromising the quality of play you’ve come to expect from Play OJO. It is really easy to download and when you do, you’ll have access to all the fantastic games from NetEnt, Microgaming, and more.