Masked Singer Slot Game

Playojo is bringing it with their featured new addition, the Masked Singer slot. Heard of the Masked Singer? If so, you know you’re in for a fun ride. Let’s talk about the look first for those with a love for aesthetics. It’s bright, it’s entertaining, and it’s sure to surprise with out of this world characters hitting the reels. For all you punters out there, this is something new. Something you haven’t seen before.

When wild symbols hit the right spot, they morph into a micro reel with just one reel. When it stops, the symbol within will turn other symbols on the big reels into wins. It’s just got a special something we can’t quite describe. You should really check it out for yourself. If you have fear of missing out, you’ll want to be a part of this brave new world of slot technology.

A little bit of essentials for those who care about stats. The Masked Singer online slot is 5-reels with 40 paylines. The reels whizz at lightning speed with masked characters, daisies, and ummmm ducks landing on the reels. When they match up respectively with the right combos, you win. You can bet a minimum of 0.01 or a maximum of $400 so there’s a wide wagering range. It’s pretty standard in the sense that you win when you get winning combinations. They highlight the winning payline so you quickly figure out how the game works without looking through instructions.

Select lines offer the payout and they pay left to right. Wilds can show up everywhere and when they do, they sub out symbols so you have a greater chance of winning. The free spins feature is a site to behold because all the other features then come together and you can really gain a decent win.

During free spins, your wins are held and shown to you in a separate box. When they’re done, they tally up the wins so you can watch the numbers rise and get excited about all the money you just got for yourself. The game itself can theoretically payout a 96.1% RTP (return to player) percentage.

If you haven’t heard of the Masked Singer before, it’s time to familiarize yourself. It’s a game show originally from Korea where celebrities dress up in bazaar outfits and sing in front of judges. The judges will choose a winner and some lucky celeb will get the coveted crown. It’s a quirky enough show that translates well on a fun slot game at a casino that lives for fun. Give it a try today.